Identifying Financial Stress


There can be a variety of sources of stress, however one of the most common sources comes from our financial situation (i.e. from having too much debt or having little to no control over our finances). Regardless of its origins, however, stress can take a serious toll on our mind, body, and spirit.

Financial stress is a huge problem throughout the world and has become even more problematic since the Global Financial Crisis (G.F.C.) hit way back in 2007.

You will notice that I haven’t said anything about people being on a low pay when I mentioned ‘financial situation’ above and this is due to the fact that financial stress is not just linked or restricted to people on a low pay, in fact even those earning above the average can and do end up in serious financial hardship ripple wallet.

In some circumstances the more people earn, the more they tend to spend.

There are a large majority of people out there that could only survive for a maximum of 30 days on their current savings if they were to lose their job!

Being deeply in debt or behind on your expenses (e.g. Utility Payments) is an extremely stressful experience, as you are constantly worrying about paying bills, dreading phone calls from collection agencies and receiving overdue payment notices in the mail.

In fact, something as simple as doing the grocery shopping and not having enough money to pay the balance at the checkout can be extremely stressful, not to mention highly embarrassing.

It is important to realise though, that you actually cannot avoid stress, it’s everywhere. The best you can hope to do is learn how to identify it, control your personal responses to stress and try to prevent it from controlling your life and damaging your health and well-being.

It is not only your physical well-being that is important to your health, your emotional and mental health are just as important.

Financial stress affects more than just your wallet, as it can have a ripple effect on your health and interpersonal relationships. In no other process can our thoughts alter our bodily functions so suddenly and so powerfully, illustrating the ultimate example of the mind-body connection.

The only way to start dealing with financial stress is to recognise the symptoms so you can take action to manage and alleviate it.