Reading Bingo Lesson Plans

Although bingo tends to be mainly thought of as a leisure activity, it is also true that variations on the standard game are being used by many teachers. These teachers have introduced bingo in their classes as a way to help children engage with their studies, and are using the game to help teach many different subjects including English, foreign languages and mathematics. In reading classes in particular, bingo tends to be particularly useful. Here are a few ideas for reading lesson plans that involve classroom bingo:
* Phonemic Awareness Bingo – Each student is given a bingo card containing letters. The teacher reads out words, students must then identify the letter than begins the word and find the corresponding square on their cards pg slot เว็บตรง.
* Sight Word Bingo – Each student is given a bingo card containing words (these, for example, might be words chosen from the Dolch Sight Word list). The teacher reads out a word aloud, and the students must find the matching word square on their cards.
* Rhyming Bingo – Each student is given a bingo card containing words chosen by the teacher (ones which the teacher knows rhymes for). The teacher says a word (for example, “small”) and students must find a rhyming word on their card (for example, “ball”).
* Vocabulary Bingo – Again the students are given bingo cards that contain words chosen in advance by their teacher. In this case, the teacher gives the definition of a word, and students must find the word being defined.

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