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A Guide to Finding the Best Water Filtration Filters


Looking for the best water filtration filters? Let me give you a little help.

The best systems remove chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, pesticides and weed killers, cancer causing chemicals and even those traces of prescription drugs that we’ve been reading about. Most of the products on the market do about half the job. Some do even less than that.

Those cheap pitchers and “screw on the faucet” types mostly remove chlorine. The initial purchase may seem like a really good deal, but if they aren’t providing something pure, then what’s the point?

The cost of use ends up being higher, because they have to be replaced so often We provide aqua pro commercial and residential water filtration system in entire UAE. Visit our website to check our products onlin. The faucet mount types have a tendency to leak and so do the pitchers. But, price is not the only determining factor.

Reverse osmosis water filtration filters always cost the most, but they don’t remove any of the chemical contaminants, not even chlorine. If the size of the pores in the membrane is not small enough, they won’t remove cysts. You need a product that filters down to one micron, in order to remove cysts.

What are cysts, anyway? Well it’s an easy way to refer to a cryptosporidium or giardia oocyst. During the oocyst stage of life, the parasites are resistant to chemical disinfection, so they float on through.

Once ingested, they cause an intestinal infection that’s similar to food poisoning, but they can kill. During an outbreak in Milwaukee over 100 people died. The EPA warns that they may even be present in bottled waters, so be careful what you drink.

Besides reverse osmosis, there are a number of water filtration filters that cost three or four hundred dollars. You don’t need top pay that much either. You simply need to compare product performance data to see what’s most effective. There is a kitchen countertop device that removes all of the contaminants mentioned above and it sells for less than $125.

Buying direct from the manufacturer helps you save. When you buy from a dealer or a store, you are paying mark-up. When you buy a product that is heavily promoted on TV or in print, you are paying for that advertising.

The right water filtration filters will protect your family’s health and safety. If you are currently buying bottled, they’ll save you thousands of dollars per year. They create no wastewater, don’t require back flushing and the cartridges have a long reliable lifespan.

One company even offers automatic shipment for replacement cartridges, so you never have to remember to order them. When you sign up for their program, they give you a discount on replacements. So, it’s simple, safe and affordable.

If you buy the wrong system, you could be disappointed as one consumer was. He ordered something that he saw advertised on TV. When he got it home, he saw that there was no list of certified contaminant removal.

When he called the company, he learned that the water filtration filters he had ordered would only remove chlorine and odor. If only he had done his comparison ahead of time, he could have avoided a lot of hassles. Shop smart, it pays.

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