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Threats and Challenges for the Anti-Obesity Drug Market


Statistics implies that by 2012 a lot more than just two billion people will be overweight and 600 million will probably be more obese. And, the biggest market place for fat loss drugs could be that the united states of america, in which 6 percent of the populace is overweight or overweight. The UK along with other European countries have come.

Shifting homes in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) get these states enormous and potential markets to fat reduction products.

Far because these promising figures show the weight problems drugs market should be to a radical growth course, the reality is quite opposite. The point is industry for weight loss medicines has neglected to accommodate with this increase. A few of the Significant dangers being

– Failure to get approval from FDA;

– Market recall Because of harmful ingredient

– below performance of medication when Compared with customer’s expectations¬†Colastrina

– Rejection of Health Care governments to grant compensation to these medications

Based on latest news stories, based on lab screening the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned consumers never to use a particular new fat loss pills which claims to be “100% herbal” and has cautioned that such ‘thinning capsules’ contain a dangerous stimulant. While that is recent news, at earlier times there’ve been several examples of banning of anti-obesity medicines world-over. A Number of Them are:

– Close to the heels of the

and Canadian markets withdrawing a few Indian fabricated anti-obesity medication in October last year, the Indian Health Ministry has comprehended that the sideeffects of these commonly used slimming medication. And soon, it’s been documented that theseanti-obesity medicines, which are being promoted with near 1 2 pharma organizations and sold under brands like Reductil, Meridia and Sibutrex, may be banned.

– Apart from Sibutramine, which inhibits consumer’s desire, the Indian Government additionally plans to restrain the sale of additional commonly-used slimming drugs like Orlistat.

Within an another episode, the usa pharmaceutical giant, Abbott Laboratories, in the petition FDA withdrew its own obesity medication ‘Meridia’ in the US market place soon after European evaluations found the vital component increased the possibility of severe cardiovascular difficulties. FDA lab tests discovered that a number of the capsules comprise “excessive amount of sibutramine”, a stimulant which needs to be available only on prescription and also which could cause high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack in some users.

The regulatory agency, FDA also warned that a number of the other indicators of side effects of this kind of drugs are anxiety, insomnia, higher blood pressureand nausea etc.. Sibutramine not just poses threats particularly to people with cardiovascular disease conditions, but in addition to healthy individuals who choose the amount of sibutramine utilized in anti obesity drugs.

In today’s tendency of looking for quick solutions to fat loss programmes, there’s really a very big industry for anti-obesity medications world-over. However, above facts shows that popping a tablet computer to shed those excess kilos can become a nightmare for your own body posing significant hazard for medication manufacturers to comprehend that the actual market potential for anti – obesity drugs.