Zygor Guide Review – Is This WoW Leveling Guide A Scam?



Leveling your Wow personality usually takes many months for to 70, especially if you’re just beginning. It’s quite a tricky process to undergo, and there’s quite a high number of Warcraft leveling guides being sold online at this time. I’ve personally tried some of them, hoping they would help me with my leveling up process, just to be disappointed by most of the information which I found.

My experience using Zygor Guide

One of the Warcraft leveling tools which I downloaded and’m still using is your Zygor Guide. It has been one of the very effective tools for me, and I will be emphasizing some of its features under control.

Which Exactly Are The 2 Biggest Features of the Zygor Guide?

Inch. Powerful Map Addon

The map add on allows you to follow all of directions in the Zygor Guides even once you are playing with the match, without having to alt tab always to read the PDF file. You can load up this as you play, and follow every single step into the match, hence saving a lot of time.

2. Includes Approaches for Both the Alliance and the Horde

Zygor Guide teaches players how to measure both the Alliance and Horde characters, that will be really great for me as I play either side pretty usually. For those who have searched Zygor review on the internet and found additional leveling guides, you may have realized that most of them only sell guides for a single side. Zygor Guide is so more affordable in my opinion.


Zygor Guide has definitely enhance my leveling abilities and cut my time considerably. Whether you have experience with leveling up a Wow personality to 70, I believe that the special tools in Zygor Guide can provide any player with an edge within their own skills.

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