Company Side-Steps Firearm Debate with a Immediate Invention to Ease Anxiety Over Mass Shootings.


Company Side-Steps Firearm Debate with a Immediate Invention to Ease Anxiety Over Mass Shootings.


Practical Protection, a Washington-based corporation has designed and manufactured an innovative, revolutionary invention to defend against the scourge of gun violence. The product, called the CoverMe-Seat, is a portable, lightweight seat that can change into a bulletproof vest. In all, the conversion can be carried out in a few seconds. The portable seat secures the user’s body from some of the most powerful ammo and with the addition of a rear plate it can stop ammo shot from an AR-15-style weapon, which makes the seat a safer choice than bulletproof jackets, backpacks, and even most vests.

“No-one wants to be anxious, thinking about how to keep themselves protected against the potential of gun violence,” said the Founder of Practical Protection, Aaron Ansel. “Our elected officials absolutely need to pass a common-sense regulatory approach, which we fully support, but until that becomes a reality, the CoverMe-Seat can serve as one piece of the solution.”

The CoverMe-Seat is superior to bulletproof backpacks because it protects the front and back of the wearer. Furthermore, with the supplementary plate, you are protected against AR-15 bullets, which is something that almost no bulletproof product can do, at least not practically. The portable seat weighs only about five pounds, less than a gallon of milk.

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer Andrew Enke worked for years in the ultra-precise area of medical devices. “I engineered the CoverMe-Seat to be both effective and simple. We started with the assumption that nobody is going to want to wear a bulletproof coat whenever they go to work or school. We wanted to overcome barriers to daily use.”

The portable seat can be bought for a special pre-order price of $100 at

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