Win Heads Up Poker Without Thinking


Heads up poker is really a superb alternative for when you are bored and not in an emotional position to excel at a bigger ring game or championship. When I find myself at this type of situation , I employ what I call the brainless heads online poker strategy.

In a nutshell, here’s what I do:

Every hand if perhaps not domino99 at the massive blind, I raise 10 percent of the kettle. Even the big blind will often fold and you will collect chips immediately.

When the large blind calls, after the flop, regardless of what cards have been flopped, I go all in. Even the large blind will most likely fold and, since you can see, your heap is fast becoming dominant.

Sooner or later in the process, usually after you’ve accumulated a fairly big chip lead, the huge blind will come across the surface and re-raise, sometimes going all in. The answer for some this growth can be that an all in bet, again with the frequent result of collecting chips on the way.

The same strategy is used when in the enormous blind. The very first bet will become a raise to 10 percent of the bud unless the original bet has already been that large. In the event the initial bet has already been 10%, I then raise all in, again eliciting many folds and the rapid acquisition of chips.

Now I can hear a number of you yelling, but I’m going to wind up in against a hand! While this is accurate, you may realize that as you’ve whittled your opponent’s chip stack and he is desperate, just by chance your hands will frequently be superior. You’ve doubtless realized that this heads up poker strategy makes not mention of what cards you hold, as that problem is wholly immaterial. You’re playing your competitor, maybe not the cards.

The attractiveness of this strategy when it comes to playing heads up is that no matter of those cards you hold and your competitor holds, you usually will not be much behind in any showdown. Generally , a third of this time or more you’ll win a showdown in spite of the worst beginning hand. Through the use of this headsup strategy, even once you lose your superior chip pile will allow you to test back again.

One other good thing about this brainless heads up strategy is it will help you get through the tournaments fast, allowing you to play an increasing number of tournaments. This is important because you can’t, no matter the manner in which you play, win all of them. By winning 60 percent of this time, however, you’ll quickly construct a sizable bankroll.

Of course, there are many more things you will need to know for being a great, profitable, heads-up player, that explains the reason I developed my headsup Poker Profits application, that has helped countless internet heads-up poker players eventually become very profitable. Its offered

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