Keep Pedaling – Time For a Nap


When looking to take a bike tour, there certainly are quite a few factors that came into play in regards to which one to use. Some of the criteria we’d when selecting a trip were ; length of this tour, size of the group, location of the ride, who we’d be riding and last but not least, what were the conditions of our more night stays going to end up like? The previous one wasn’t too big of a deal for me personally when we were selecting our trip, however, it had been to get my own wife.

The idea of riding over 200 miles and sleeping on earth only was not in my partner’s idea procedure. This is not to say that she wouldn’t have achieved it she would have far more preferred not to have done it. You see, she has never been one to like the camping experience whilst on vacation, or so the notion of riding daily and sleeping on the floor would not have been first option.

One of things people took for granted on this trip was the food and rest we ever received.Lifeguard Training Like I mentioned in another of my first posts, the SAG was a very necessary element of the journey. The water, fruit and other items to create strength to our bodies has been never overlooked. Even as we rode each day, our lunch and dinner were provided by local churches because we all rode in their towns. We got our carbohydrate heaps together with different pasta meals and fantastic fellowship.

The one thing that has been always a welcome site was that the hotel that we stayed in by the finish of every stop. Once sitting on a bicycle chair for approximately seven hours daily, pedaling up and down the hills of Washington, both the spa and soft beds were also a welcome encounter.

We’d usually arrive at the hotel around 3:00 p.m. daily and after having our bikes and gear in order, we would head to our rooms to get a midafternoon nap. It did not take very long after getting cleaned up allowing my body to curl up enough to have yourself a fantastic rest prior to the day activities.

I realized with this trip that taking time to replenish my body with the perfect kinds of food and rest made this experience much more gratifying.

Are you really doing rest on your own life? Over the past 40 years of my lifetime I had not learned what it really meant to slow down and rest. I have not ever really known the words “slow down”. From the time I was just a little boy, my entire life was a race and in lots of methods, I was not winning. Though I enjoyed watching T.V., ” I normally found myself out riding my bike or playing basketball or dangling outside in the fort we all had in our garden.

While in high school I was associated with various audio classes, athletic teams, delivering papers and involved with my church youth group, all at the exact same time. As I grew older, I had trouble telling people, “No” or putting boundaries together with my time. I found myself running myself and making myself ill because of the worries I put into my life, even while a new man.

When I got married and started working, I was always on the move and wanting to help people with the procedure. I’d work a second job to make ends meet rather than truly took the time to break.

Additionally, I hardly ever truly experienced shooting in the perfect kinds of nutrition for my body to do at its very best. I still remember working as a lifeguard at high school and drinking a 6 pack of Mountain Dew every day at the pool. It finally took its toll upon me at the middle of summer time months when I couldn’t sleep at night and my gut had been always in knots. I can’t even endure the taste of pop any more due to the adventure.

I still remember heading off to graduate school weighing a whopping 160 pounds. And at the conclusion of that one school year weighing over 200 lbs.

The other nutrition I was not receiving within my own life was the spiritual nourishment I so desperately wanted. Though I had been a Christian for quite a while, I found myself very “too busy” to spend some time in God’s Word and to be nourished at the things I wanted for my life to be right.

This came to a head last year. I was not wanting to eat like that I should have been. I wasn’t being pleased in the nourishment only God could bring me personally. I had been about ready to crash and burn off.

Things were different since I realized all of the conducting in my own life, all the worries I had been bringing upon myself along with all of the bad things I had been investing in my body wouldn’t permit me to be the person God had created me to be. I needed to break. I needed to fill my body with the ideal nourishment. I needed to obtain balance back in my life.

I want to ask you some tough questions. Have you ever let your life to find so out of balance you are not able to sleep through the nighttime? Do you really feel stressed all the time? Are you aren’t taking care of one’s body like you ought to with a balanced diet along with regular training?

Get a rest! Simply take in the perfect nutrition! Find balance in your life! Trust in me, you will feel so far better about yourself if you’re doing.

Chalk Talk:

1. What is 1 thing I will need to get rid of the week to find time to break?


3. What changes are required that you get the ideal kind of nourishment in your life, both emotionally and physically?

4. What are three goals you may set to begin living a healthier life? Who are you able to entrust these goals, and that means that you may be held answerable?

This guide is part of a series that can be found on my site.

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