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Cut Dental Costs and Boost Savings


Dental Plans Center
15 Tips to Cut Dental Costs and Boost Savings

1. Enroll in a discount dental plan or dental insurance: Forking over $100 or so a year to enroll in a dental plan provides a bit of a cushion if you run into major costs. And even if you have other dental coverage, discount dental may be a smart way to pay for cosmetic procedures, which generally are not covered by insurance, and orthodontics, which is usually only partially covered.

2. Take advantage of dental plans offering free dental exams, dental cleanings and x-rays valued savings of $200.

3. Prevention saves money. Practice good oral hygiene, good nutrition and remember to floss between meals, or swish with water (especially water with fluoride)

4. If paying your dentist by cash ask for a discount on the dental fee and services. Possible 10% savings or more brio dental los algodones mexico.

5. Negotiate the dental fee and services and treatment. A national survey recently found that 10 percent of respondents had haggled with their dentists over fees, and 64 percent had been successful in getting a price break. Your dentist should be able to prioritize a treatment schedule to help you distinguish problems needing immediate attention from those that are less urgent. Often, treatment can be phased in over time to assist you with your budget.

6. Bring in your own current x-rays, if possible.

7. Free Samples: Grab as many toothbrushes, floss, mouth rinse, trial or new product samples, even a note pads, pens, crayons for doodling and don’t forget the sticker or trinket!

8. Get a Free Prescription Discount Card

9. Prescriptions ask for free samples from your dentist office or contact the manufacture for samples, a coupon, or free prescription.

10. College of Dentistry operates clinics which provide for dental care usually 20-40% less than a private office.

11. Dental Hygiene Schools free or low cost exams, dental cleanings. Generally, dental costs in school clinics are reduced and may include only partial payment for professional services covering the cost of materials and equipment. Your state dental society can tell you if there is a dental school clinic in your area.

12. Charitable and low cost dental care. Assistance programs vary from state to state, so you may want to contact your state dental society to see if there are programs in your area.

13. Ask your dentist if there is a coupon available. Your dentist spends money on marketing in his community and might be offering a savings or special. If there is not a coupon or special at this time when will their office plan to provide one It does not hurt to ask for your coupon now or at least to be notified when and where to find your coupon or special.

14. Discount for Referrals: Remember you are your dentist’s best marketing representative! Ask for a discount for a patient referral. Or request about a family discount.

15. Barter: Exchange services or goods.

If you do not have protection against escalating health care costs, you may have no chance of avoiding some major expenses along the line. Many dental plans may work with your insurance to lower your out-of-pocket and deductible costs and saves you more money than insurance alone.

Discount dental plans offer savings on a wide range of dental procedures. Here is a short list of dental procedures discounted by most of the discount dental plans: Dental Examinations, Cleanings, X-rays, Fluoride treatments, Root canals, Braces, Dentures, Wisdom teeth extractions, Gum surgery, Dental implants, Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, plus most dental procedures and dental treatments.

Shop and compare your dental care savings with Dental Plans Center- DentalPlans.com where 30 plus major insurance carriers like GE, Careington, Aetna, Cigna, Vital Savings by Aetna, Uni-Care provide for instant online comparisons of plan benefits, features and savings.

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