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Caucasian Mountain Dog – The Little Known Giant That Resembles The Dog’s Distant Cousin, The Bear!


Even the Caucasian Mountain Dog additionally known as the Caucasian Ovtcharka is an ancient breed which for centuries has been little understood away from the distant regions from which it hails, namely the Caucasus which comprise: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Iran and Turkey. The Caucasian Mountain puppy or Ovtcharka (at Russian Ovtcharka means shepherd or sheepdog) is part of this working type of dog strain and despite its own appellation of all sheepdog/shepherd this pet has been not a rat herder but rather an guardian or guardian which goes a long way in describing its maybe not inconsiderable dimensions! The Caucasian Mountain puppy was bred to protect lands against wolves, bears and other predators; in fact the Caucasian Ovtcharka has an uncanny similarity to a bear!

Known before fairly lately by lots to be considered a descendent of this Tibetan Mastiff, updated semi evidence implies that its ancestry descends from early dogs which dwelt in the woody hills of Iraq and Mesopotamia. It’s thought that assorted pet types which accompanied nomadic tribes which settled at the Caucasus regions, together with very little intervention and interference from exterior impacts, finally evolved into the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

Up until the 1930s, the Caucasian Ovtcharka was understood beyond its own home range until it began appearing in European dog exhibits in Germany. Approximately 1952 the Caucasian Mountain puppy was divided into two distinct breeds: the Transcaucasian Ovtcharka which is often the heavier-boned, gigantic dog which hails from the mountainous locations; and also the Caucasian Ovtcharka, the profoundly developed sort that hails from your steppe areas.

In 1976 the two sub-breeds had been consolidated and reclassified as one strain, and such days that the Caucasian Mountain Dog is predicted to conform to one standard. Be as it may yet, the many sub-breeds can still be differentiated regionally in your various lands of the former USSR and now one of the most enviable form of Caucasian Mountain Dog is that the socalled Georgia sub-breed which is characteristically a thick-coated, heavy-boned, gigantic dog which most closely looks like a bear caucasian mountain shepherd.

From the late 1960s the Caucasian Ovcharka was widely introduced into East Germany especially for border patrol responsibility, fore mostly to patrol the notorious Berlin Wall.


This dog breed was designed to guard flocks and livestock and thus has a solid inherent guardian/protector characteristic. Much as being a Border Collie loved ones dog will be inclined to herd its own family as a substitute flock of sheep, the Caucasian Mountain puppy is going to possess the propensity to become rather protective of its immediate household, also a characteristic that’s obvious advantages but perhaps less apparent impacts. The Caucasian Ovcharka can be a strong-willed (some could say stubborn) strain of pet which requires a firmer hand for suitable training and socialization. The alleged uncooperative nature of the puppy type is not surprising if a person believes that it absolutely was bred within hundreds of years to get all these exact characteristics.

This dog had been bred to chiefly exist independent of individuals (except for its shepherd) and was bred to coexist together using the rat that it had been safeguarding; hence the Caucasian Mountain dog breed is inherently wary of strangers be that they people or critters. Unsurprisingly, the Caucasian Ovtcharka is most active at night (mosquito predators tend to search beneath the cover of night) although it may allow the belief it is a enormous lazy dozing dog, even at the slightest sign of fleas the Caucasian Mountain puppy will nimbly get into its own feet, seem the alarm (barking) and immediately go to face the threat!

The Ovcharka chooses the security of its territory (nowadays believe that the spouse and children lawn) incredibly badly and will take any encroachment with a stranger as a hazard. Despite its strong size this canine is distinguished with using nominal pressure to dissuade any threat. Such minimal induce may likely take the sort of facing the biting and predator and growling sharply; generally that’s sufficient to improve the heads of the majority of intruders as much like its wild Canid counterparts, this older dog-breed still retains the mindset which physical (or deadly) force ought to be considered a previous resource as it tends to be counterproductive (i.e., injury to either get together).

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