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Why American Businesses Should Use Locally Based Agencies for the Translation of Their Sites


Lots of American businesses would rather take care of translators and agencies positioned in the USA. That is mainly because they believe payments are communications and easier faster.

Nevertheless, so far as communications are concerned, it really is really as quick
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e mail a document to your supplier in New York since it will be always to you personally in Paris. And the global payment centers found now on the Net, such as PayPal or Moneybookers, seem to me easier than just posting a test to Boston. Moreover, most European bureaus, in addition to many Asian, accept dollars.

An European translation service, Wordbase Translations Company, created by professionals with over 15 years’ experience, makes it very clear why it is advantageous to use native speakers of the target languages living in their own countries.

It involves tailoring a product to a specific market in a process that goes beyond translation to address the contemporary and colloquial use of language and cultural nuances, such as notational conventions and differences in symbols, color associations and payment preferences.

It avoids having all your creative hard work lost in translation, such as what happened in the following couple of examples of the big boys getting things disastrously wrong:

When Kentucky Fried Chicken translated their slogan “Finger lickin’ good” in to Chinese it came out as “Eat your fingers off”

When General Motors introduced the Chevy Nova in South America, it was apparently unaware that “no va” means “it won’t go”

Thus the demand for a nearby business to satisfy your specific requirements. Wordbase uses more than 200 salespeople that are living inside their own nations and interpret only into their mother language and reviewers that make certain that it willn’t happen for you.

If you see their site you’ll say that the hyperlink arrangement is very well imagined, which makes it effortless to browse. In the event you opt to speak to your corporation, it provides different methods to do this with an obvious contacts links and page in the majority of other pages.

Rodolfo Beneyto did and studied from the United States, England and Brazil for so a long time in technology, consulting and sales and has become co-owner of Wordbase Translations Company. To Learn More, please see Wordbase Translations

Wordbase Translations Company can be really a Portugal-based and globally operating interpretation, localization and distributing agency.

It focuses primarily on the translation, localization and interpreting services to and out of most European languages, in addition to Russian, Chinese and Arabic, with freelancer linguists located in many nations.

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