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Are You An MMORPG Addict?


Back in my day (maybe 10 years or so) multi-player games were mostly shooting games (example: Goldeneye for N64), if you wanted to play some role-playing with someone you either got a bunch of friends together for some D & D, or hired a prostitute (WAY different kind of role-playing being done there). Now you can play with people all over the world, and sometimes that can lead to doom… Thats right DOOOOOM!

Some people take MMORPGs (Massively multi-player online role-playing games) way to far, turning it more into a life style then a simple game. Now getting into a game isn’t bad, I have nerded out on quite a few video games in my day, but what separates my game time with these is two things, explained below meseta boosting.

It never ends

These games are ongoing, and with new expansions coming out every year or so for the big ones (Final Fantasy XI Online, World of WarCraft), people have more to do in-game.

Getting that next level, or the next piece of “Legendary Armor” is an addiction I know all to well with offline games like “Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” and “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (I e those games). But with online games you will find the most powerful gear, and then find out that there is something even more incredible waiting for you, or you will level your character to the max, just to have a patch come out the increases the level cap. It’s great if you don’t push yourself to hard, but for a true gamer, it’s very hard to take a break when you know your so close to your goal.

One is the Loneliest Number

Some people that I’ve known have started playing MMORPGs to kill loneliness, with people playing these games all over the world, a lonely person is sure to find someone to spend time with. Me myself met a real girlfriend playing Phantasy Star online, it turned out she only lived a state over. But for the most part these games can have a negative impact on the person who really gets into these virtual realities, believing that the person on the other end feels the same way; sadly that isn’t always the case. It’s just a game, and many people play for fun, not to find a real husband/wife. If you want to kill loneliness your best bet is to try a Yahoo Singles or MeetUp.com, not World of WarCraft.

Negative Effects of MMOPRG-addiction

MMORPGs are addicting, here are some symptoms of mmo-abuse:

*Refuses meals/Decreased appetite

*Blows off responsibilities; work, school, etc.

*Loss of interest in other hobbies; kind of like those who suffer from depression

*Avoids family and friend relations; not unlike those who play traditional RPGs lol (unless a friend knows how to get the Suit of Awesomeness + 50)

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