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Why It Is Important To Change Fashion Industry Into Sustainable Industry


Recently the London fashion week had featured their eco cat-walk. From then a big environmental impact created all over the fashion industry. In United Kingdom, approximately 2.266 million tones of fabrics are destroyed every year. Far beyond the fashion shows, high street publications and commercial fairs, the diversity of the world, climate and people are considerably affected by the way they dress. Not even mining, oil extraction and logging have such a heavy impact on us and planet.

Whether it is Primark or Louis Vuitton whatever you decide to buy – they have the important, direct and traceable impact on the planet. Every piece of dress that you decide to purchase influences not alone how the dresses are fashioned (think of the cutting waste and off cuts) fashion brazilian industry, however also how the clothes are made, transported, and discarded at last and the kind of fiber (whether it is non-organic or organic).

Actually, style is considerable more than the ‘stylish’ VIP club which is only focused on cuts, colors, pretty and designs. The fashion industry network arches right from transportation, design, agriculture, manufacturing, to commercializing, promotion, recycling and waste management. We are only talking about clothes! That’s quite a surprise…

When it comes to fashion we can also discuss about

* Human-rights violations like slave labor and child-labor

* Cultural phenomena like consumerism, style bullying and eating troubles.

* Environmental pollution and damage like deforestation, unreasonable monocultures, spring water poisoning and draining

* Toxic industrial waste, non-biodegradable or non-recyclable goods

* Global warming and global climate change due to carbon footprints

Fashion industry is really an interesting industry. No single industry covers the balanced range of specialties, right from agriculture over design, shipping to waste management. Only fashion satisfies the basic need of both the natural instinct for beauty and grooming. For this reason the fashion industry needs to change. The seed that we really need to change the fashion is the organic cotton campaigns.

Therefore while buying next set of dress, just think of the Chinese teens who have stitched themselves to work on shift for fifteen or even twenty hrs and using some laundry pins to keep themselves away from falling asleep and their eyes from closing at work or the kids who have carried enough water for the dress across miles, and also have to run more (almost another trip) to get some drinking water for them.

Have some soft corner for these children’s, because you cut your wardrobes and do some jazzy colors. While you purchase your next spring apparels – appreciate the clothes and latest designs because lots of efforts have gone to make them.

However, while deciding what to purchase just rely on your conscience.

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