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Baby Showers Foods – Choosing a Great Menu



When guests arrive at a baby shower they are expecting a food selection that includes desserts, appetizers, and some kinds of finger foods. A baby shower that will be held at noon or at dinnertime usually calls for a full meal, while early afternoon or early evening showers can do with appetizers, salads, and finger foods. Remember that plentiful appetizers can be made in replacement of a full meal that you might otherwise serve.

Memorable shower appetizers can be as complicated as baked spring rolls or as simple as rolled sandwiches cut into bite size pieces. Avoid pre-made appetizers like mini quiches and breaded items like coconut shrimp, as these do not stay well on a buffet. There are baby shower recipes for cakes, cookies, appetizers, and much more to be found online, as well as recipes for appetizers & drinks for the next baby shower you host.


If the shower is taking place around a mealtime, you may want to consider either serving a proper sit down meal or more substantial finger foods. Nonetheless, the usual baby shower food ideas are comprised of snacks, finger foods, grilled foods and barbeques, punches, cakes and desserts and other types of food depending on the general idea of the baby shower party theme. Finger foods are best served on such occasions, as they are easy to handle. Finger food can include vegetables and dips, mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, and crackers and cheese. Of course, what is a tea party without some finger sandwiches. Prepare finger foods that are easy for guests to pop into their mouths without getting their fingers too dirty. Otherwise you’ll have lots of dirty napkins, and perhaps some fingerprints or stains on the furniture as well.

If you want to keep it more casual with a light buffet, sandwiches are always a great option. But you don’t have to stick to the old stand-bys of egg salad sandwiches on white bread – you can get creative with the fillings, shapes, and bread styles. Serve the sandwiches with a fruit tray (or fruit salad) and a veggie platter.

Summer baby showers are a great opportunity for traditional summer foods like a BBQ, potato salad and/or cole slaw. In the summer heat, however, the only things you worry about are mayo based dishes like potato salads or pasta salads with mayo if temperature is an issue top 10 sandwich chains.


And finally…the desserts – the second-most popular guests at the shower! Eating desserts at a party is one of the few times people can enjoy the sweet luxury without feeling guilty about it. So don’t disappoint the crowd by going light on the desserts. Cakes are always great, or you could make and decorate some cupcakes or cookies, depending on the expecting mom’s preferences. If time is a consideration, you can just order a cake or baby-themed cookies a few days ahead of time from a bakery, and you will be all set with no baking required.

Another idea is to design a cake and make it look like children’s toy blocks (either one large block or 3 to 4 smaller blocks). These could be arranged on a pretty cake board to spell out your baby shower message. And speaking of ‘cakes,’ a dessert table centerpiece that is popular in baby showers is a diaper cake which is constructed of diapers and lots of attached baby trinkets. Betty Crocker may not be needed for this particular project, but a diaper cake does make a wonderful addition to any baby shower. But you can read more on baby shower decorating in a different article!

Another highly popular main dessert, and one I’ve seen actually replace an actual cake on the table, are petit fours. Petit fours are small cake-like pastries (usually) made with almond flavored cake, filled with fruit preserves, and then covered with poured fondant and decorated. They are beautiful and delicious – but watch out, they are often expensive.

Some other treats that you may want to consider include iced cookies, chocolate squares, and bowls of seasonal fruit. Other smaller desserts can be displayed around the baby cake in a continuing theme. The treats that are served can be as sinful as possible or they can be on the healthy side.

For more information, we recommend going online to find more great baby shower ideas for your next big party. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of others will make your life easier and make the big event even more special for the mom-to-be.

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