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The Film “Secret Window” From “Secret Window, Secret Garden”


A successful film named “Secret Window” released in 2004 cast the eyes of people back on a novel of Stephen King: “Four Past Midnight”. The film is revised from the second part of it: “Secret Window, Secret Garden”. This short story tells us something about a writer who has split personality. But from the beginning, readers cannot be aware of it. Following the steps of the hero Mort, readers are eager to find the mysterious John Shooter out.

Though Mort himself tries to find the truth he believes, he cannot find any evidence. Whether John Shooter really exists or not will occupy readers’ mind. And finally according to some clues, readers know the reason. That is Mort himself has something wrong with his mind: the dissociation of personality. It is one of the psychological diseases. Here to use it as the background of the novel is closer to the emotions of people. It is horrible to notice a man you know well become another man, a total stranger. This point is enough to give readers quite a start. And all suspicious can be explained by the reasonable answer windows 11 features.

Readers will think there is no need to worry or fear about something happened in the novel, it will not happen in real world. But the fact is sometimes things could happen in the real world. Our world does have these kinds of people who have a psychological disease: dissociation of personality. Readers are easy to get a real sense of fear, when the plot conforms to the logic of life.

A good description of the surroundings can lead readers into the world the writer creates as if they also are members in it. Stephen King dose so, but he does not cost much efforts on concrete imagines, he does so on building the atmosphere. The readers of King are not frightened by the words of King; they are frightened by their own vivid imagination. His descriptions about conditions are full of picture.

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